Mana Strike + Volka's Razor

In the Spellblade passive tree there is a node called Volka’s Razor that give more damage if the melee attack cost 10 or more mana.

Mana Strike cost 0 mana, but it you spec it so uses mana storm, it now cost 15 mana.
Will the Volka’s Razor passive node then work with mana strike, or is mana storm taken as a spell on its own ot part of the melee attack?

Has anyone tried this? Or maybe a Dev cantell :slight_smile:

No, 'cause it’s the lightning proc that costs 15 mana, not Mana Strike. If you check the tooltip for Mana Strike after taking the Mana Storm node you’ll see that it’s mana cost is still 0.

Ok thx a lot ofr the answer :slight_smile:

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