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Mana Strike -- Teleporting Strikes -- ranged attack has an awkward offset

Operating System:
Windows 10

Detailed description:
I am now playing with Mana Strike using the Teleporting Strikes node. This gives my melee attack range, but has an offset when used at range. The offset grows in intensity the further away the attack is used, and seems to be attacking further in the direction than is intended [see images below]. This makes the actual ranged usage very clunky; I have to aim with an estimated offset that it will use.

I have 0 points in the Spirit Blade node, as I am thinking this will help cover up this problem (by being able to cover the area including the spot clicked at a distance), but shouldn’t be necessary.

What were you doing at the time?
Using the Mana Strike with Teleporting Strikes.

How consistently does this happen?
Every attack that is not within melee range.

Images of the offset, where the mouse is at the red-X location yet the attack is occurring at an offset.
Fairly close with a minor offset

Further away with a larger offset

OK! So, I’ve taken a look at the skill and I know what you’re experiencing.

The skill is created 1m off the ground at the target location. It’s actually not offset at all but rather the angle which the skill is visible at relative to the ground makes it appear to be offset. The further away, the greater the visual offset. If you try the bottom left/right corners, the offset appears to be 0 but the top left/right corners it appears to be massive.

I’m not entirely sure if we’ll be addressing this or not. If we do, the best way might be having some sort of visual queue to show that it’s hovering.

I will note that if it’s cast near enough to an enemy, it will snap to the enemy’s location.

edit: I also want to thank you for the very detailed and clear report. It really helps make my life a lot easier.

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