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Mana regeneration base

What is the base regeneration that my “% increased mana regeneration” modifiers scale off of? Is this base just what your character starts off with and it doesn’t change throughout the game? Does it vary by class? Do you get more with increases in level? Are there ways the player can increase it? So far, I haven’t seen ways to increase the base, but I haven’t played mage yet. Thanks.

You regenerate 8 mana per second as a baseline.
You won’t find flat modifiers, just increase

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As Shtrak already pointed out 8/sec is the base, this applies to all classes.

This is also displayed in your character sheet (when you press [C]). The character sheet always shows rounded values, even though the game functions with precise decimals.

Several Passive Trees of Base Classes or Masteries have %inc. mana regeneration.
%inc. mana regeneration is also a regular affix accessable to every class, that is available on Rings, Belt, Amulet and Relic.
There is also a ring with an %inc. mana regeneration affix, called Sapphire Ring, that is avaialble to every class.
Primalist and Sentinel also have armour pieces with %inc. mana regeneration.
And there are a couple of uniques granting %inc. mana regeneration.

With just all of the regular affixes on T5 max roll you can reach 22,48 mana/sec.
If you include implicits, passives and temporary buffs from active skills you can get even higher.

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Thanks guys, very helpful!