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Mana Meteor balance

I know you’re not yet at the stage of development where you are overly concerned about balance, but I thought I might add some thoughts about the Mana Meteor ability.

As is, it allows meteors to be spammed infinitely. You don’t get any damage increase from having mana if you do this, because you only have whatever you generated in the cast time, but you can have meteors rain from the sky for full base damage as much as you want.

To be balanced mana meteor needs to have one or more of the following:

  1. A short cooldown

  2. A minimum mana cost

  3. Reduced damage at very low mana (If damage is reduced at very low mana, make sure it reduces the damage from shrapnel as well)


While I find it very fun to fill the map with meteors, this doesn’t seem to be the intention of this particular ability. I imagine it’s supposed to incentivize you to cast at full/near full mana for triple damage, but when I can cast it a dozen times for normal damage instead, it seems to negate the core idea of that particular specialization.

Confirmed, thanks!

Moved to Bug Reports.

This node has been removed and replaced with another, it just wasn’t playing well with the negative mana system. Thanks.

Not just Meteor. The whole Sorcerer skill balance is very weak right now. Huge mana cost and not enough damage and survival. Glacier, Frozen Orb (huge mana cost and unnecessary 4s cool-down).

Charged Ground costs a lot unless you specialize in mana reduction but every time you spend in mana reduction, you are not dealing more damage.

This thread was created due to a since-removd node having a bug.

I’m going to lock it now to avoid confusion.