Mana leech and mana potion

Why item dont have mana leech or no mana potion. This is very problematic on Warpath build or any solution ?

On the recent stream it’s unknown whether a mana potion will be added but considered.

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This is a game design decision EHG took. They want to keep mana as an important ressource that you have to handle. They dont want to make mana a useless thing that you don’t consider in your build. Strong skills need lot of mana, that’s a trade-off you need to take into account during your build creation. On warpath you can easily make it less mana expensive but obviously you lose some damage output.


spec 5 points into void knight and get the time reverse skill to refill your mana, you can specialize it specifically for mana sustain, it wont let you spam expensive skills 24/7 though but it will help with uptime.

Good info, thanks!

I kinda like that there’s no mana potions. makes you think a little bit more before you make your next move :slight_smile:


They don’t want you to spam powerful skills, that’s why they don’t exist and I also like it that way. Cuts down on the micromanagement with potions as well. There are games where you can have numerous potions and it turns into a mini-game, never been a fan of that.


I think the importance of mana consideration and not having mana leech/mana potions is one of the best game design choices the designers made.


I have to agree with Sirris. I feel like if either of them were added in any meaningful capacity, it would totally upset the current balance of the skill trees. Most of them count on the player not being able to sustain a skill while spending 20 points on valuable dps nodes. Even if you had to make some sort of major sacrifices to gain a mana potion or leech, I think that some players would feel that they are forced to do it in order to optimize their characters.

Overall, I feel like it would make the game less interesting.

On the other hand, I am not opposed to adding leech into skill trees for that skill only, instead or as an option to the traditional mana nodes.

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After playing PoE for so long, the mana sustain issue is actually a welcome challenge. Overcoming mana through skill selection and not spamming my keyboard for potions is a nice change of pace.


If you spec your warpath right you can regen mana while spinning, not sure how this is a problem, there’s several nodes in the warpath tree to overcome this. I hit the sweet spot myself and took just the amount of nodes affecting mana usage to neither spend or regen mana while spinning. This comes at the cost of other damage nodes ofc, but that’s a decision you have to make, wich I think is a good thing.
EDIT: you can also craft mana effiency on your gear to negate alot of the mana cost, so you can free up some points from the nodes affecting mana in your warpath tree.

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I use a macro in PoE for ‘flasking’. I can’t stand ‘piano’ my keyboard & its dumb.

I understand the decision as Mana is a joke in PoE, & everyone just scale cast/attack speed to absurd level making the game looks like Road runner than a ARPG.

But I think there could be more tools to manage mana. Running around waiting for mana to regen isn’t the most intrutive way to play. Maybe add ‘generator’ skills that leech mana or something.

In alpha there were quite a bit of topics related to mana potions/leech/extra regen. Like Sirris and others have already said, the one great aspect of this game is the decision of the devs. to leave out ANY form of mana potion/leech where spells being cast ACTUALLY MATTER. This has more of an actual RPG feel to it that is much more satisfying than to continuously hit a mana potion over and over again.

You shouldn’t be able to continuously cast high-costing mana spells over and over again unless there is some type of drawback to do so. The devs. way of implementing that is by having nodes in most spells that I have seen (haven’t checked out all class spells with this new patch) with reduction in mana cost, thus making the spell webs (seems more appropriate than trees since with the new patch it looks more like a web) with 20 point allotments more important.

This alone makes this game worth investing into. Each level your character actually feels stronger by either obtaining new gear, points in the mastery tree, or points in the spell webs (still going to call it this). Adding a mana potion or leech would completely make high level spells useless.

Only thing I would possibly consider is maybe mana regen tied into intelligence, but even that I can’t fully agree with either.

It was definitely surprizing to see no mana potions, but once I sorted out that there are skills that balance it out, things got a little easier. Like the folks above said - just spec into the mana cost reduction nodes.

I think putting points here is essential for warpath. I’m not great at optimizing builds, but was able to get it where I rarely run out and even if I do there is the channeling skill for defense where you regen both health and mana much more quicky while raising your defense. Which helps a lot if you do run out.

Overall I like the choice. I’d rather manage my skills than another potion. It makes you put a lot of thought into the build to consider the mana cost and whether a skill is worth it and if you can generate enough to make use of the skills properly. I’m a crappy player so I max out the regen mana node.

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