Mana issue with Cinder Strike

Hi all!
I tested Cinder Strike with its mana nodes and it’s cost more than expected.

-Overexertion: Cinder Strike now only has the first attack but costs 40 mana
-Tireless (5/5): Cinder Strike costs less mana (up to -60%)

So with the math, 40-60%= 16 mana.
However, it costs 26 mana instead!

Just to make sure, my char
-has Tireless node maxed out
-has no mana efficiency on my char (well, it would’a been better… or worse, anyway)
-Is NOT using passive Coated Blades
-Is a Bladedancer, NO Ethereal Arrows then

Is this a bug or did I miss something?

40 / 1,6 = 25 mana

  • Mana Efficiency +12% per point
    not “less” mana.

100% eff = half cost.

:stuck_out_tongue: @Heavy @Fushuan … dont worry my “home office” is over in an hour than no more playtime for forums :wink:

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Mana efficiancy is not “reduced mana cost”

The exact formula for mana efficiancy is availble ingame in your character sheet:

Mana cost = base mana cost / (1 + mana efficiancy)

That’s not how mana efficiency works. 100% mana efficiency means that the mana cost will be halved. As @Hybria and @Heavy mentioned, you add your base efficency (100%) to all the added efficiency and you divide the cost with the resulting number.

PD: Let me write the answer before replying like madmans :joy:

Yeah, as I said, I did miss something :sweat_smile:
I focused to much on “less mana” rather than “efficiency” on the node :man_facepalming:
I’ll pay more attention next time

But anyway, thank you so much for your quick and good answers!

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