Mana Gain when you use skills and it hits an enemy and chained abilities

I’m tinkering pre-launch with Detonating Arrows & Mana Arrows with Explosive Arrows & Arrow Traps, and I’m wondering if the clause that you only gain mana when “You use it” means that there won’t be any mana gain from arrows created by Arrow Traps.

Is there any similar setup in the game that could test this?

If the skills says you need to use it it’s talking about manualy push a button. To my knowledge there is no procc skill that regains mana by proccing another skill.

Correct, “when you use” is a synonym (if a phrase can be a synonym) for “when you directly use” & is hopefully going to be replaced by it.

Procs don’t count as directly using the ting being proc’d.

With the new falconer passive Blast radius you can gain 1 mana on trap trigger, and throw up to 5 traps, that should help with mana

Not if it costs more than 5 mana to throw those traps.

It will cost around 8 after all mana cost reductions, so gaining 5 mana back is a huge difference

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