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Mana empty when entering zone

Operating System: Windows 10

Detailed description: When i entered a zone (can’t remember the name now, but it was a side zone that starts with a wooden bridge) my Mana was visually drained (no blue at all), but the numbers above were correct (full). After moving a couple of steps it suddenly refilled to maximum again.

What were you doing at the time? As described above

How consistently does this happen? Happened once. Tried to reproduce it but no luck.

Your system information:

Your log file:

Thanks for the report!

Unfortunately this really is the kind of issue we need a log file to investigate thoroughly.

Yes i realized this. I am not at home right now, will check tonight.
Does the log file get purged periodically or does it contain all info since my first launch?

The log file is overwritten each time the game client is opened.

Makes sense.
At least now i know what to do when i see something strange :sunglasses:

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