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Mana efficiency

I’m assuming Mana efficiency is basically reduced mana cost (please correct me if i’m wrong) but can anyone please explain how the calculations behind Mana efficiency works?

100% mana efficiency makes your skill cost half the mana cost. I am really not sure about my statement though, hope some other people can confirm (or not) what I said !

So if I am not mistaken the formula should be :
Mana Cost = base mana cost / (1 + mana efficiency/100)


Thank you for that was curious as well

That is correct :smiley:

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Little off topic but how about cooldown? I think my bear has a slash and you can spec into upto 120% cooldown reduction. Shouldnt 100% mean instant availability?

It is the same with cooldown reduction. 100% means twice as fast cooldown recovery.

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In that case I feel the wording needs to change. So 100% cdr means 2.5 cd from its normal 5. Thank you sir

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Thanks for clearing that up!

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