Making lower-tier resistances matter

First, a definition; fire, cold and lightning are lower-tier resistances because elemental incorporates them all, which is a greater resistance. I just made those words up, the behavior is already in-game.

Second, the first suggestion; create a Natural (which is Physical and Poison) and Unnatural (Necrotic and Void) greater resistances.

Finally, make lower resistances matter by making them apply to greater resistances at 1/3 of the value. So if you get a Fire resistance at 90%, it applies 30% to elemental resistance.

As it stands now, Fire, Cold and Lightning resistances feel like a waste of space.

All you say here is highly depended on the class you play. For a Paladin ele resis are a joke for a Necromancer they are pretty important.

I don’t think there should be generalisation because resistences matter a lot while some are more usefull then others aka Posion resistence isn’t that big of an issue because most poison stuff can be dodged.

Having some kind of “all resi” for the other resistences was wanted a long time ago and the whole discussion died out because it was deemed unnesessary with the resistens changes back then.

With the Blessings we can get all resi kind of resistenses become useless because if you get one empowered resi max roll your whole imteisation will change and items that were BIS before are now at best kept for another toon if equipable.

From the hundrets of hours I played the game I think we need a reduction of available resistences to have a more impactfull descissionmaking when it comes to them instead of capping them with ease and less and less problems. Any changes that make iteven easier are a step in the wrong direction from my point of view because making something easy even easier is not so good from my point of view.

Then again I’m looking forward to different oppinions on this matter because the discussion about it is (iirc) years old so a new touch might be intresting.

I can see where you are coming from, but I don’t think this would be a good idea.

The overall value of the "Elemental Resistances affix is only slightly higher than having singular affixes of an individual affix. (e. G. T5: 20%, which is 60% total reaistances vs 45%), but singular Resistances still have their uses, especially when you combine them with other sources of resistances from passives for example.

You can cap a single resistance with just one T5 affix and some passives.
While even with 3x T5 Elemental Resistances you are not even capped.
I think the combination of both individual resistances and Elemental resistance in conjunction with passives just gives you a lot of options and flexibility.

Capping resistances is already really easy in LE and even when you are not quite capped it’s not as punishing, so I don’t see a reason to make single resistance affixes even stronger.

If anything I would rather vote for Elemental Resistances being slightly nerfed.

I’m going to agree with the others here that this suggestion is unnecessary. I frequently don’t even bother maxing all resistances. I will load a high-corruption echo, see which mobs there are, swap out a piece of gear to max out the appropriate resistances for that boss/echo, making sure that I have 120%+ to protect against shred and then mechanic properly.

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I personally have found that multi-resistance stats aren’t all that useful at the high end. On my Paladin, I ended up having to boost Cold and Lightning individually with single-slot idols to cap out because those hadn’t made it there yet, even with Holy Aura.

What I find a lot of the time is that I either have way too much Fire resistance or way too much Necrotic resistance. In general, there should just be more options to spread these out so that once you’re a certain level you don’t have to worry about them as much anymore. Blessings kind of help with this, but you have to wait quite awhile for that to roll around, especially since you need the Grand / Empowered versions to truly free up your idol space once and for all.


Most of my high level chars are walking around with a dozen items to be swapped in as needed depending on echo etc. Saves a lot of nonsense trying to cap all resists and thus often lets you field greater power most of the time. It’s surprisingly easy to get a tier 6 or 7 nicely rolled resist, that on its own handles that damage type for you. And chances are it will only be a little worse than the standard item you use in that specific slot.

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OMG if I had a nickel for every time I couldn’t get the math of the res caps to work out just right. XD

I’d have a Tesla covered with nickels.

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That’s why I generally advocate for holding on to an insane number of idols. Had I not done that, maxing my resistances would’ve been nearly impossible on several of my builds.

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Absolutely. I have at least 3 tabs for each of the 5 main classes for their specific idols + 4 Tabs for 1x1, 1x1i, 1x2, and 2x1 – AND each of the tabs for the smaller idols is categorized by +damage or +res and +health – Cause NERDZ!

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I have an embarrassing amount of idols. I have 23 bank tabs plus like, 14 mules holding nothing but idols at this point… :sweat_smile:

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OMG Mules I never even CONSIDERED that lolololol

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