Making a new viable multishot build

So with the recent bugfix to flurry i tried my old channeled flurry/multishot build last night and much to my dismay it was so much weaker i was wondering if i could possibly make a pure multishot build with a generator skill maybe or even if we could make the original build better so that multishot could be strong again. I imagine some of the main problems would be mana sustain and single target damage. Im open to any and all suggestions

maybe somehow with nightbringer in this season? Honestly the passive tree is so bad idk.

problem with bow marksman was never damage but survivability imo
Have you try flurry multishot with Dragonsong, the fire breath proc on crit from Dragonsong has crazy damage multiplier, and from what i tested it can proc off every single multishot arrow

true. It’s so sad that the most viable marksman build doesnt even take a single point from marksman passive tree

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its the same for cinder strike, there is even a build for it, but its absolutely miserable to play with the range and survivability

True, however even in terms of damage the class is lacking especially compared to the new Falconer.

Rogue as a whole got a really strong defensive buff with 1.0 the smoke traps node in explosive trap, it can generate an insane number of dusk shrouds(100+) very quickly which easily caps glancing blow and gives a substantial amount of dodge. This dodge can also be converted to endurance threshold via Foot of the Mountain boots to essentially apply the 60% DR of Endurance to your entire lifepool.

This can be good to build around this patch but I fully expect Smoke Traps to be nerfed heavily by 1.1.

Yeah the shotgun build is pretty much shit now as any physical base bow build and just any bow build for that matter are mediocre at best.

im trying no life build with nightbringer/shadow string. survivablity is miles ahead of anything else ive tried. Dmg so far leaves much to be desired. Im scaling void dmg from nightbringer, but who knows how much i can get out of that.

I did a Nightbringer Shadow String build before 1.0 and before Experimental Affixes and it was great.
But for Single Target I used Flurry with Adrenaline and Giant Slayer.
This should be way better now with 1.0 because Nightbringer got buffed and a lot of the tougher mob types are rares now. (like Profane Flesh Immortal Eye etc.)

This was not the case before 1.0 and Flurry with Giant Slayer has troubles against tanky non rare/boss mobs.

Now with the Ward/s per missing Health experimental affix and Nightbringer buffs this should really rock.

it still has trouble with heavies. The main issue is that +void dmg isnt available on some gear for some reason. If it were any other type it could scale better. Flurry doesnt work correctly most of the time, and if i pull points to take giant slayer i will lose alot of survivablity from crit->ward procs building ward.