Make Ucenuis Sphere unique buff more visible please

would love to have a buff counter like everything else in the game, i cant tell if my buff is up or not most of the time, and i cant even see the water orbs when im fighting bosses or anything, they feel invisible to me, maybe make them more visible giving them some kinda outline or something, cant test it on the test dummy either since they are no “rare” /boss mobs

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If you do a quick search you will see plenty of posts about buff icons on the UI related to lots of different skills & affixes and even passives. There are quite a few replies from the Devs around this too… The general thought is that they are trying to figure out a way to include buffs that dont overwhelm the UI (try a watching a buffed Rogue) and still being useful during play…

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The water orbs need a damage buff as well.

Definitely… they are pretty dissapointing right now… :wink:

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