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Make Rahyehs Light great... again?

So I feel like this item is never worth using, in any case. To me I don’t get why the 80 ward cost to reset the duration is a thing, when you can just recast fire shield before it expires. It’s other stats are fine for a low level character, but you can pretty quickly craft a much better item.


  • Make Fire Shield last forever, but have less mana efficiency or mana regen.

  • Give a general fire aura, instead of the interaction with fire shield specifically, but have less ward retention. That way other classes can use the shield too. (Idea from LiquidOxygen)

  • Whenever you cast a fire spell you ignite yourself, but also adds a 100% ignite chance.

I think you have a point that his Item could be made better, but i am not sure if it should be made better.

The Shield “Rahyeh’s Light” is a early game Unique shield and is pretty useful for classes that use Fire Spells, even if you don’t play a Mage Class.
But it is still an early game Unique.
And with it beeing a early game item I am pretty sure it would be bad game design if you find it and it would be best in Slot for a build.
What also should be considered is that Unique is currently the lowest Tier of “Designed Items” (I don’t know how to better group em).

What i could imagine is that this Unique Item could just be a deteriorated version of a Legendary that you can find much much later Ingame, or may even be restored using the Eternity Cache System (I love the idea to have Legendaries you can only obtain by crafting and that you need to put some effort in).

But as it is at the moment i think it does its job as an Item, i also think we will run into much balancing during later patches, that could also include this item.

I haven’t found this shield yet. Does the fire shield activate for classes that are not mage if they happen to attain 80 ward? If not, that could be a suggestion so that the shield always has niche use to acquire another classes skill on conditions being met, while it would also have some benefit to the actual class that has the skill in their repertoire.

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