Make passive tree respec less annoying

Respeccing more than a few points in the passive tree is incredibly tedious.
I was holding out on this feedback as 0.9 was about to come out, and I was hoping this would be addressed, unfortunately this was not the case.
I am ok with respeccing requiring speaking to a particular NPC, but EVERY SINGLE POINT REMOVED requires a confirmation dialog, which gets real boring real fast.

Basically any change would be an improvement in my eye.
I am sure that just removing the dialog box is not an option for a variety of reasons, but a lot of things could be done to make the experience a bit less annoying. Possibilities could be:

  1. A button that resets the entire tree for a cost
  2. A “yes and don’t ask again confirmation box”
  3. pressing CTRL while removing points skips confirmation
  4. making all the changes together and asking for a confirmation of all changes at the same time (the way POE does it)
  5. pressing CTRL removes all points from that particular passive

Right now, I am holding on to the hope that they will do a free full respec when they release 1.0. They haven’t alluded to it at all, but I am still hoping.

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I think I like 4

I would also like if 4 was how the regular passive tree worked, I have lost count of how many times I put points into the wrong passive but was not given a “do you want to confirm this”

yep like to see option 4 as well

Agree, system of respeccing passive tree points is annoying now. Option 4 would be good solution.

I’ve been wanting this for AGES as someone who respecs a ton. Part of why end game is fun for me is trying out different builds. The respec ui and functionality is far behind other things that have received QoL attention and it’s super obvious.

They’re unlikely to do that.

Option 4 is what I thought of just when reading the title, I think that makes the most sense.

I would also prefer option 4.
However it is probably the most difficult to implement.
I suggested the others because they are probably much easier to implement.

Why would this be unlikely? From the dev streams it just feels like it’s not a high priority right now but I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t implement the ability to do this while interacting with the respec attendant.

Because they only do a free respec when they significantly rework a passive or skill tree.

I figured it would still cost gold, they could potentially change it to a flat cost for any node if it’s difficult but the logic doesn’t seem that hard to implement.

Just checking as i don’t see it in your post.

Are you aware you can use Enter key on that confirmation dialog?

So you need to click and press enter ~90 times? Just to remove your spec, not even counting actual speccing into the new one. It costs about 30k gold at that level, just charge me that and give me all the passive points back.