Make doorway labels floating not fixed

It would be great if the label for the doorways floated instead of being a fixed label.

Example: When I come up on a doorway, I can be right in front of it and can’t see the label that tells me where the doorway goes. The label is fixed back so far you have to be practically in it for it to show up.

If you made the label float the entire area of the white mist in doorways, when I came upon one I’d be able to see where it went without sneaking up so close waiting for the label to be visible. As soon as the first inch of a doorway white mist is visible, there should be a label right there telling me where it goes.

Here’s an example of the Moonlit Shrine doorway in the Isle of Storms. I’m standing right in front of it and the label isn’t visible. I have to creep up the side of it in order to see the label because it’s in a fixed location so far back.

If I’m able to mouse over that mist and make it brighten up, there ought to be a label right there where my mouse is.

You can see the two states I’m talking about here.


I agree but also wanted to say the doggos are really nice.


It’s like the only place I could post a photo that’s not someone else’s server :slight_smile:

Well, now I’m actually in front of the Moonlit Shrine and turns out my pics are of the Coral Pools. Still tho. :slight_smile:

+1 for the doggos.

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I don’t really have much to offer in response to the suggestion - it seems reasonable to me. I just wanted to +1 for good doggos.


Jeez, if I knew you guys were this easy I’d have posted better doggo pics before I uploaded the screenshots! :grinning:

Here’s a little background about this suggestion: I usually play hardcore. When I’m hauling butt across an area just looking to get to the next place I need to be, I want to be able to hover my mouse over that doorway and make sure it’s the one I’m looking for and not some side quest or other area I’m NOT trying to go. When there’s a horde on your tail, you want to jump through the correct door - otherwise you’ll have to jump back out and guess who’s waiting for you when you do? :flushed:

Sorry, all I got from that was something something better doggo pics something something something.

That said, I think the devs mentioned something about having planned something for 0.9 for when you zone into an area so you don’t immediately get ganked by a bunch of mobs. Also, I can’t think of any zones off the top of my head where that would be an issue in any event as I thought most mobs spawns were a “reasonable” distance from the entrance.

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No no, not that when you enter an area you get mobbed, but say I’m in area 1, running through it and of course enemies are chasing me. I see a doorway and I jump through. Now I’m in area 2, but those 50 guys are still at the doorway in area 1. So if I jump back through to area 1, there they are, right where I left them 2 seconds ago.

But what you’re saying, that’s good because I was thinking I’d like it if upon entering an area I was invisible until I move and/or attacked. Having a cleared space around the entry point works too… but I find if I stand there long enough something from off screen wanders over and kills me. So invisible until movement is my personal preference. :slight_smile:

Yes and no. At the moment when you enter or re-enter a zone everything is respawned. However they have said this will change with multiplayer.

Huh. I can’t decide which would be tougher on the server: respawning an entire zone, or saving the state of the previous zone.

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