Make a separate ladder for MG


As the title suggest, there should be a different ladder for Merchant Guild. Yeah, I guess not many people are actually interested in ladders, but if you take a closer look at it you can see that the majority of players in top 100-200 are MG. Thats obvious since getting items via MG is like 10x easier than CoF, but what I dont get is why both factions coexist into the same ladder.

So, again, the suggestion is pretty simple: make a separate ladder for each faction if possible.

We’re about 25-30% through the first cycle. Maybe CoF will catch up towards the end, we don’t know yet.

Yes, MG is currently on top of the Leaderboards, but I think we need to play out the first cycle before you can have some objective data on which factions are inherently better.

That’s without touching the issue of faction swaps, which I’m certain people would look into abusing the moment the boards would be separate.

Yeah, if you were locked into a faction, separate boards might make sense, but since you can switch, there’s no point.

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Hmmm… Yeah, you can change faction… But I dont actually get your point. Who would want to change from MG to CoF to abuse ladder if it takes 10 more times to get the items you want? The other way around? Possibly. The point would be the same, MG is just better to get the items you want faster, MUCH FASTER, like… It is not even close and cause of that it makes no sense both factions are in the same ladder, same way Solo players have their own ladder, not the same, but they are in “disadvantage” same way CoF is to MG.

In my opinion, it is really optimistic to think that by the end of the cycle the CoF players will catch up with MG, I just don’t see how that is going to be possible, maybe a player who invested a huge amount of hours? I just don’t see it.

Assuming EHG agrees with all you’re saying here… and ignores any future issues that may come through faction change (they have the option to add more factions, so those all come with their own Leaderboards as well, right?)

How are you gonna handle multiplayer Ladder teams with different factions?

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Oh, there will be more factions and rep grinds in the future. I asked Mike and he said that the item factions are just the start and that they plan to add others.

The MG ladder at this point only serves to highlight what is most broken mastery in the game and who has the most free time to play it. Its a competition of who is wasting the most time for the least reward.

Mixed ladder?

So 11 Ladders just to make distinction?
But then all the 4man mixed comps will be 3X/1Y, so better split those up!
That’s 14 separate Ladders and if any additional factions come, we’ll need more for those as well and then … it still doesn’t solve anything, because people will still look at the “other” boards to complain about certain factions performing better or worse.

Why 11? I’m sure that the game can handle it anyways

Mixed party is mixed party.

The factions are not meant to be balanced. You are not forced to play one or another. It’s up to you so you don’t have to complain.

It just doesnt matter where you got your armor/weapons from. Not everything needs to be a competition… especially not different kinds of factions.

You are competing with other players, not with the factions they got their equipment from.

Ppl need to stop making up “problems”.

11 because if we’re making distinctions, then 3 MG + 1 CoF party is not the same as 2 MG / 2 CoF. That is is the factions are not meant to be balanced.

Euhm, you do have to play either one. If I’m supposed to be able to play both with my character, I need to complain about a major bug!

Oh, and if we wonna be complete, you’re gonna hve to make a “no faction” leaderboard as well. Because Masochist mode isn’t enough for some people.

ok, i guess. lol

Well, we don’t need two separate ladders. We can have single ladder with option to filter by faction or class. So you could look at ranking for CoF - only or Acolyte/Lich - only class.

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This is also a solution, since the ladder is useless because it gives no prizes.

I like this idea too, and is simpler I guess.

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