Major issues in Last Epoch's group play

It seems like you’re experiencing some major issues in Last Epoch’s group play. First of all, I want to say that I’m a big fan of Last Epoch myself, and I tend to overlook certain things like the synergy in Monoliths. However, what I’ve been experiencing lately feels like a serious flaw. My brother plays a Shaman, and I play a Necromancer. In the late endgame, our teamwork becomes impossible because my defense relies on Warping, which halves the effectiveness of his totems and heals. But okay, I can understand that within the game’s mechanics. I even leveled up another Necromancer to play as a Wraithlord, but to my disappointment, it doesn’t work well in a group with another summoner. The Wraithlord futilely tries to devour the totems and becomes useless. I don’t think this is what the developers intended; it’s sabotaging group play.
lg John

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