Major Issue: We are limited to 20 online chars. W T H

I’ve just hit the limit.

I had no idea this was a thing. We are limited to 20 online chars. This is a game killer.

That is nowhere near enough.

Is this limit permanent? If so, I might as well quit the game now and get ready for Diablo 4. :frowning:

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By all means go get ready for D4, hope you dont expect more than 5 slots there seeing as you can turn any build into any other build in about 30 seconds, gotta love that expansive skill tree.

May as well skip PoE as well, it has limited slots as too. I suggest Minecraft Dungeons after D4, it has more or less the same level of complexity.


So you’re OK with a 20 char limit in a game that has 15 classes?

My point about D4 was I had no plans to even go there, unless something drove me to. This is that something.

You just sorta answered it yourself, there are more slots than classes. Whats the issue? Unless you have some crazy emotional attachment to each and every toon you make, and each MUST use skills from the base pool no other toon can use, it seems like a non issue. I have deleted multiple 100’s on PoE without a second thought.

Maybe EHG will accommodate your feedback, but doing it in a childlike fashion in your op isnt the best way of getting it done.

I have 4 Necromancers. They are completely different and share no gear. I like playing all of them.

I have 3 Druids. They are completely different and share no gear. I like playing all of them.

I have 4 Sorcerers. They are completely different and share no gear. I like playing all of them.

I have zero Rogues, haven’t even started exploring that class yet after 1000 hours of play.

Get the idea?

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I just want the message to get out as I do not think a lot of players know this limit exists. And I’d like to hear the devs’ reaction. This is an ARPG with massive build diversity compared to most. A 20 character limit is unacceptable imo. If it sounded childish, my reaction was fuelled by total surprise that such a limit exists, nothing more. I am not making empty threats either there is simply no point in my playing this with such a limit in place. I am bitterly disappointed, that’s all. I love this game. I waited eagerly and patiently 2 years for the online version to drop to start moving all my offline chars online and now this? In PoE you can buy more slots.

20 slots in a beta seems pretty fair to me. Once 1.0 launches, all your characters will be gone (I dunno if this applies to offline mode), and maybe EHG will expand capacity at that time, or, like PoE, allow you to purchase more slots if you really need them.

What is there to be bitterly disappointed about? A lot of people here lost characters when .9 launched, a lot of people had rollback, in the grand scheme of things you are doing all right if you have 20 unique builds going during a beta. I have been here since the first alpha dropped, and I currently have a whopping two characters to my name. I get where you are coming from, but again, this is a beta, 20 slots to experiment with seems quite adequate. If not being able to create infinite characters is a deal killer for you, then I am sorry. I dont know many other games in the genre that allow that many at retail! You really plan on playing all 20 till the end of time (aka the total wipe at 1.0)? I wish I had that amount of time! I have barely got a lich and a void knight to monoliths since .9 dropped haha.

And there’s no reason to think that won’t be the case with Last Epoch once EHG launches their cosmetic shop down the line.

EHG have confirmed our current beta characters will be moved to Standard once the game officially launches.

You are completely wrong about this. No wipes, ever. They have promised. Why do you think there was such a big outcry when the roll-backs were rife?

Then you are clearly unaffected by this issue. Why are you replying so much in a thread complaining about something when you are OK with the thing being complained about and also when that thing will never affect you?

Well at least you have some sympathy. And yes I am the type of player that will put multiple thousand hours into an ARPG if I like it ,and play nothing else for potentially years. And 30+ characters, all pushing endgame, is absolutely the norm. I am already approaching 1000 hours in this.

When you are my age and the children have left home and gone off to university, all you have is time to indulge in your hobbies.

I am absolutely fine with that, I just need to KNOW. Hence this thread. If there will be no limit in 1.0 or if there will be a way of lifting the limit in 1.0 via MT or otherwise, I’m fine with it. If the limit is permanent, I will quit now. Not in the huff, not a ragequit, not throwing toys out the pram, but just I literally have no choice. I have picked the wrong game. No way I can limit myself to 20 chars. Very simple.

I am curious how all the build streamers are coping with this. Must ask in all their channels.

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Name one that doesn’t allow 20 chars. I don’t know of any that limits you to 20. Nitpick: I have no idea about D3 or D4, I played mostly D2R.

PoE has 24 - after that you pay
Grim Dawn launch pre cloud saves - 20
Wolcen - 6
D3 - 17
Chronicon - 20

So yes, 20, in BETA, is quite generous.

The vast majority of players are unaffected by your personal issue, I can reply as I please. There are real bugs and features missing from the game, your OCD does not become priority just because you want it to. Your first post was petty as hell so I called you out, wahhh I cant have my way so screw you off to D4! Really?

@Corrozus Standard for most people equals dead, just look at PoE, or D3. If we have leagues, all my standard characters get deleted. I think I have 2 mirrors in standard, they must be dusty they have been there for 3-5 years :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that’s subjective I guess. Some people enjoy just playing on standard where all their stuff is, others enjoy wiping the slate clean every 3-4 months. The point remains though that are characters won’t be gone come launch.


There is no limit in Grim Dawn and Wolcen genuinely doesn’t count as alts mean almost nothing in that game. I said I knew nothing of D3. And 24 is bigger than 20, so not sure why you mentioned PoE. So basically when you said every ARPG limits you to less than 20, you meant Chronicon does. A game I doubt most people would even mention as one of the well known ARPGs. Nice work.

Because most are unaware of it. And by your own admission you are about the least qualified person to give any opinion on whether 20 chars is enough.

lol. No. Just no. Might be true for the ANCIENT games you mentioned but for modern game, nope.

Grim Dawn have a Char Slot Limit and it is 50 Cloud Slots.
But this Game is different, you have more Charakter Variations (45 Chars with all DLC’S) without third Party Mods on the Way, more then LE have at this moment.
Otherwise Grim Dawn don’t have a SSF Mode, or you renamed you’re Savefolder everytime, when you start an new Char.
And 20 Slots in a Beta is currently fair enough in some Kind.
I hope and think, the limit get’s a little bit higher, when the other Chars in LE come into the Game, maybe.

I’m up to 94 offline characters.
I knew there was a reason I didn’t want to play online! LOL!


I repeat, I am just trying to find out if the limit will apply on full release.

I hear you. I was in the process of recreating my huge roster of offline chars in online mode when I hit this limit. :frowning:

I think you had a chance here to actually bring up an issue with the limited online slots in a respectful way, but that was abruptly lost with your tone and threats to quit the game in response to not getting your way.

I agree with you that 20 is too few, I would like an answer about whether more slots will be purchasable for online mode or if the limit will increase.

Do I think you’ll get that answer in this thread? Probably not with that title.


Welcome to Life™: Endgame. XD (Psst I’m right there with you)

I too am busy re-creating my offline toons online. I don’t care if they get moved to “Standard” – “Standard” IMHO, is a season all it’s own. I still get a kick out of pushing tooltip DPS numbers – and my Disintegrator is approaching 2 million (1.88m at present and nowhere NEAR min/maxed)

20 Toons is super-generous in Beta. 100% believe that we’ll be able to purchase more slots over time. My biggest gripe about playing MP right now is that until near endgame Every Class looks Identical – a.k.a – we’re levelling Mages together and It’s like an episode of the 3 stooges or keystone cops or (omg I have so just aged myself lol) – I really hope that can be fixed with MTX visual upgrades.

Extra character slots for gold maybe?

redeeming with gold is currently rather just not useful. Because you need a huge amount of gold for the endgame build (Gambling in Dungeon) and you can go a few million in gold on it and how long you want to continue farming for a character slot, if it costs I say 500K or 1M? Far too many hours and there I personally would have no desire to farm so, unless the gold is significantly higher as now, when leveling and also in the endgame. Only then for SSF Mode, not on shared Chars