Majasa Phase 2 seems Impossible for Sorcerer


I’m a Nova, FlameWard, Teleport Sorcerer. I’m at 75 Physical resistance with some health leeching gear, and I CANNOT get past phase 2. Most of the time I am one-shotted. I try to stay out of melee, but she’s fast.

My character kick assed on the entire campaign and every boss until this OP lady.

Any Sorcs that beat her have any insight? I’m about to shelve it until perhaps the devs balance her a bit more?

Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it…


Can you upload your character in the build planner and share it with us?

do monos first, get more character power and come back later


Yep. Would still be interested to see his build that makes majasa “impossible” to beat.

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I think Majasa is a good defense check at the (current) end of the campaign. Though 75% physical resistance is good, it isn’t the only layer of defense to get through those quick dash attacks. Health, armor, crit avoidance, dmg reduction etc. are still needed to survive some of the higher damaging attacks that you just won’t always dodge.

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True, even though a good amount of hp should be enough since stats like CA you focus on more in emp mono. I think the most important defensive stat for her is high movement speed to dodge the attacks.

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I get it, i had a very difficult time with her also. However she can absolutely be defeated by a sorc.

I’ve beaten her with a cold sorc and sorc build very similar to yours. I would have to say that sorcs are definitely the worst for that fight. both times i had a fair amount of trouble. they usually have bad armor and low life, a bad combination vs majasa.

the fact that you are getting one-shot is definitely strange. i’ve never had her one-shot me so something is really wrong. What is your life/ward ??

As @TriKster said, upload your build to the build planner and I’m sure that you’ll get some helpful advice.

In addition to phy resist (absolutely essential, i have a good story about that :wink: I can’t remember if she applies poison stacks or not, so that may be something to check.

She shreds armor and when you see the armor shred icon in the lower right corner, you’ll want to run down the clock on it. As @TriKster said, you want good movespeed, even if you have to roll a pair of t5 movespeed boots.

majasa is a difficult fight especially for new players. i’ve gone through majasa 10 or 12 times and i still usually die at least once.

don’t give up !


are you kiting to drop stacks when your stacks get high?

I’m struggling with Majasa on my fire minon necro. Will be interesting to see what she is like with my lightning mage in the distant future when I reach her. For the necro I’m doing mono to get stronger and trying her periodically to see where I am at.

Majasa is a great indication how your character will do in empowered monoliths.

Save yourself the pain and don’t play sorcerer until you drop a Twisted Heart.

wut ??
i’ve rolled 3 sorcs that have all done just fine and i don’t even know what a twisted heart is.

Don’t worry, just because someone on the Internet says to do or not do something doesn’t matter if whatever it is works for you.

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Well i could have been more constructive. Here’s a link to the item

looks pretty useful ! i wonder if i have one… ? :wink:

I mean it also requires farming a lvl 80 timeline, even going zoomy, you’re going to be outlevelling majasa by such a degree that you don’t need it by that time. And if you need this item to do majasa, you’re going to struggle doing that boss to be perfectly honest.

I get the point of your advice, but it’s terrible advice for new players.

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Assuming you are replying to me - I was just making a derisive comment for sorcerer, because I find the whole subclass too weak. It doesn’t do more damage than other classes, but has huge innate survivability issues. Its certainly one of the hardest classes to build successfully out of the box.

LOL. it was not my advice. I simply provided a link to the item.

The advice for new players is alway “GET GUD !”

That’s a joke by the way. :laughing:

That’s about it.

That, and possibly you’re not stacking enough health. You really want a few high tier increased health and a few high tier flat health in your gear by that point. Hybrid health is rare, and definitively not needed at that moment.

Much more useful than capping resistances, I, as a general rule of thumb, try to get the resistances around your current level (level 60, 60 resistances), and phys res maybe a bit higher.

i should point out that i specifically ran a character with low physical resistance as a test. i died 5 times in a row. bumped my phy resist from some low number (I think it was < 30) to about 60 and got out alive on my next try.
poison resist is definitely useful for the act, but i think phy is more important for majasa specifically.