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Main Quest progression issue

The main quest did not update properly as I moved to the specified areas. I’m assuming this is because I was using teleport very very often to move faster than normal. Possibly skipping a main quest trigger. Since the main quest line isn’t completeable at this time its not a big deal for me. But I wanted to bring this to your attention before it causes problems:) I was able to re trigger the quest checkpoints by going back to the areas mentioned in the quest and walking as normal. Cheers.
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What were you doing at the time?

How consistently does this happen?

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Which quest(s)?

Well the name keeps changing. The ruined world is the current one…Move east past the ruins.

Its the quests that normally update automatically as you move through the world map. But I was spamming teleport this playthrough going as fast as possible.

Looking through my passive quests thread this is not a quest that grants a passive point.

The bug first occurred at the “Reach the Surface” quest However I went back to the Sheltered wood and walked to the Surface and didn’t teleport to test it. The quest then triggered to the next step. I went to the next designated area ,not teleporting and it then updated to move east past the ruins as usual.

Updated my above post with more detailed information.

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