Mage's Teleport Haste Extension (Comet Rush) Not Working

The node Comet Rush on teleport reads (at max points). that if my character has Haste that lasts for less than 4sec, it’ll reset that haste’s duration to 4sec when i teleport.
however, that simply doesn’t work according to what i’ve tried so far.

I’ve tried getting haste from quicksilver coil ring, but when i teleport the haste simply times out and doesn’t get reset to 4sec.
I’ve also tried Focus’s Energy Infusion node (grants haste who’s duation depends on mana regained). this haste’s duration can be longer than 4sec, so i wait till just before it expires to teleport, and the haste also doesn’t get reset to 4sec.

side note: when haste has longer than 4sec it also doesn’t get reset to 4sec when i teleport.

side note 2: the quicksilver coil ring haste proc overwrites longer duration haste, so if i gain long haste duration from Focus, and then proc the quicksilver coil ring, the long haste duration from Focus will get overwritten by the 1sec haste from the ring.

Teleport Haste (501.8 KB)


+1 pls fix

I am also experiencing this issue. Very frustrating, hope they are able to get a fix in soon!

omg it’s as if I was getting ready to get on my new bike and at the same time, I noticed that the tires were flat… disappointment!!!