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Mage's Disintegrate Question

Since this skill is tagged “Damage over Time” in it’s description it can’t crit and it can’t do "ON HIT’ effects such as ignite. There are a couple skill nodes in it’s tree though that allow it to start proccing effects such as ignite and shock and slow. If I take those nodes do I NOW GAIN benefit from similar skills in the Sorc Skill Tree such as “Pyromancer” “Chronomancy” “Dragon’s Breath” or is Disintegrate limited to increase chances from it’s own skill tree?

Also is there any point taking “Lavamancer” and “Rift Bolt” with this skill?

Also does the affix “Blighted” - 60% increase to DoT effects do the same thing as “Channeller’s” - 60% increase to channelled abilities, but blighted will also give the added effect of increasing ignite base dmg?

No, it doesn’t look like Disintegrate gets any benefit for chance to apply ailments outside of it’s own skill tree. I’ve tried Disintegrate with Soulfire (174% chance to ignite with fire skills) & Calamity (+150% chance to ignite with fire skills) for a total +324% but it wasn’t applying multiple stacks after taking the ignite node. :frowning: I would assume that the passive nodes wouldn’t help either.

Smite is the same (due to a bug), it currently doesn’t benefit from any ailment chance outside of the skill’s own tree.

Edit: As I said before, disintegrats’s biggest issue is that DoT tag. If it didn’t have that, you’d have a lot more options.

Yeah it’s the same for Drain Life but luckily that skill has a node converting it into a cast which allows you to stack it on mobs with enough mana.

I can see why the devs keep the dot tag though. Without it, I imagine everyone would be running channeling builds due to their associated affixes.

Well Dev did confirm to me that DoT duration skill nodes and from items DO affect DoT skills that can apply DoTs from their own skill tree…which makes it all worth it…I’m liking the build where I dont have to use crit / crit dmg to be honest.

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