Mage's Arcane Ascendancy's Acuity node - severe desync

Playing as a Mage with Arcane Ascendancy’s Acuity node enabled creates lots of desync, the process is like this

Upon 1st log in, 1st echo → no desync, game runs normally.
From 2nd echo on ward → lots of desync, like in the video below (not mine but similar symptoms):

  • Cant teleport (after a few seconds the teleport animation goes off), can still cast skill on any visible enemies (no animation but still consume mana/damage number pop off);
  • A few times the desync fixes itself and all “queued” action after the first desync occurs in sequence and games run normally;
  • Most of the times it comes to a point where one can no longer input anything, skill doesnt cost mana …etc
  • Throughout the desync, ping is fine, no fluctuation in pings whatsoever.

Once you relog, 1st echo runs normally, but the desync always happens on the 2nd echo onward.

The desync mentioned above disappear when not using the Acuity node on the Arcane Ascendancy tree.


Bumping this thread because I’ve been noticing this issue more and more frequently and can confirm that speccing out of the Acuity node more-or-less resolves the issue entirely. Alternatively, just not using Arcane Ascendance seems to have the same effect. If you use it though, with Acuity, the echo immediately afterward seems to implode, and if you keep going and keep using Arcane Ascendance, the negative effects and desync seem to compound. My wife and I ended up crashing out of an instance as our Ping slowly skyrocketed because of this exact issue. Doesn’t seem to be present in any other circumstances, just this.

I can confirm all the above, the game was unplayable until I took off the Acuity Node.

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