Mage with minions item drops

running my mage i have only gotten 1 uniqe to use.

now when i get a uniqe its minion related.

is the game really that poor that it cant drop mage related uniqes on mage ?

How long have you been playing? I have a 4 characters over level 50 (3 of them different mages), and I have plenty of mage specific uniques in my inventory and stash. Some uniques have item level requirements, some are more common than others.

i played offline for over 100 hours and have only got minioni related stuff as pr uniqe minions stats

Play elemental bees, only mage can do it

No, it’s just RNG.

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Sounds like you’ve hit bad RNG and been quite unlucky. If you’ve played over 100 hours you should have dozens of uniques dropped; many of which statistically could have been for a mage. But to be more specific to your original question, the game does not care what class you are when a unique drops as its based on the roll of the item type that is dropped.
Do you have any loot filters that may be hiding drops?

i dont know how to install loot filter are there loot filter for mages ?