Mage/Sorcerer Spells and Specializations

The Mage (and Sorcerer’s) spells are do not have enough choice. By this, I mean some spells exclude one of the three elements (Fire, Ice, Lightning). I have the following proposition. Add a fourth damage type. Some games would call this type “Arcane” (World of Warcraft) or “Force” (Dungeons and Dragons). This is a pure magic damage type. Perhaps, just calling this type “Magic” would be sufficient. If this is not to your liking, then adding void damage, which is already a damage type in the game, would be another option. All Mage and Sorcerer spells can have specializations that either enhance this magical damage type, or transform the spell into either a Fire, Ice, or Lightning spell. Here are some examples with the spells the mage has now:

(I know all of these spells have “Arcane” in Their name. This is for consistency. If “Arcane” is not pleasant change it to “Magic”, “Force”, or anything else that is appropriate. (Perhaps “Void” if you choose void damage.) I just prefer consistency, as the mage is a magic user, after all. The spells could have color schemes and particle effects that are appropriate for their damage type.)

Fireball could become Arcane Orb. A moving spherical projectile with a light purple color scheme, as is common for this magic type in typical video games.

Lightning Blast Could Become Arcane Bolt. A purple energy bolt with the same effects the spell has now but purple for the damage type (or darker if going for Void damage.)

Snap Freeze would become Arcane Wave. A frontal cone of energy colored based on damage type.

Disintegrate would stay the same. Although if it would need a different name, it could be called Arcane Disintegration It would have a purple color effect. This effect would change appropriately depending on the element specialized in. If keeping Disintegrate, then It would just have to include Ice damage in its specialization. Off topic, but its current range is rather small. Increasing the length of the beam by 50% would be appreciated.

Elemental Nova would start off as Arcane Nova. Otherwise, it would remain unchanged

Static would become Arcane Charge. Maybe specialization points that turn it from a moving to build charge to a frontal cone with a cooldown. This way mages do not need to move excessively to use the ability.

Glacier is too slow and expensive. I recommend turning it into Arcane Barrage. A spell that repeatedly fires after it is cast. Probably coming form a portal, or simply being channeled by the character, whose color changes depending on the magic type specialized in. (Light purple for arcane, red for fire, blue for ice, and bluish purple for lighting.)

Volcanic Orb Could Become Arcane Sphere

Focus could become Arcane Focus.

Static Orb could either become Static Ball, or be removed and have its stationary style moved into specializations for Arcane Sphere. Also, Arcane Sphere could be allowed to be specialized so it could move like a minion moves by pressing the 'A" button, by default

Ice Barrage could become Arcane Pulse. A spell that is narrower and longer in range than Arcane Wave.

Arcane Ascendance would become Mana Drain. Again, it would still restore mana, but the damage it does would depend on the player’s choice in the spell’s specialization points.

Black Hole could retain its name or be changed into Arcane Singularity (A black hole is a gravitational singularity)

Meteor could be called Arcane Meteor. I would recommend changing it into Arcane Storm. A spell that causes particles to fall down in a rain-like fashion depending on the element chosen.

Flame Ward could become Arcane Ward.

The Spellblade spells could become better by applying the same logic. Perhaps adding different types of magical melee strikes could work. That is for another Topic in this forum. it is just a suggestion I thought of while writing this topic, so I added it

If this does not work, then i have another idea. Instead of spell specializations, putting three lines of talent in either the mage or sorcerer passive skills would work. Four separate lines of passive talents for each of the damage types (“Arcane” or “Magic” Or “Void” as the case may be.) This way the player has the freedom to choose the damage type they want. Although keeping the changes in the individual spell specializations is ideal as players can mix and match damage types by choosing them for each of their specialized spells. I am merely suggesting an alternative, in case modifying the spells is disagreeable.

A lot of these recommendations sounds super cool but I don’t understand why you want this change?

Is it there is not enough overlap between skills? I.E. For a fire build you spec meteor fireball, tp, flame ward and don’t have much else to spec.

There is not enough availability of the elemental types. The Mage/Sorcerer is supposed to be able to master all three. I added the fourth for lore logic, and to enhance the class. Each spell is effectively a different way to use energy. All 3 elements should be in every spell so no one element gets an unfair advantage by having access to a spell that another element does not. Also, it just makes sense for a wizard to be able to use all any of their choice of element in their spell due to their studies (again lore and logic.)

I understand where you are coming from, but this is a thematic choice by the devs.

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Correct. This is why I put this thread into the “Feedback and Suggestions” part of the forum. I hope the devs see this and see the logic. This is so they potentially choose to change their minds, after reading this post. That being said, thanks for understanding.

Does anyone else have any questions, or relevant statements?

I appreciate the effort you put in. That said, I would not want this approach. IMO it would homogenize everything. Either you end up using the same skills regardless of your specialty or the skill trees become boring if they are split to service each element


This is my take. Sorc could use more spice in the trees for sure. Swapping elements more is a no go for me.

I really like stuff like “plasma” in fireball, it gives flat lightning and makes it a lightning spell in addition to a fire spell letting you get tricky with dragon breath making it so when you cast it you get buffed lightning damage since you are casting a fire skill and scale that flat damage instead with say a coral wand going for lightning damage.

Sorc needs more ways to have the elements interact and weave, and less boring just converting it. Conversions are useful, but we dont need every skill to have every element possible…


That gives me another idea. For the Sorcerer mastery only, how about three separate talent lines that each turn your abilities into one of the elements; and then talents for increasing that element’s effectiveness. This way, the spells can transform into that element and the player chooses the elemental specialization they want.

IMO conversions shouldn’t just change the element but also change how the skill feels. A great example of this is in Lightning Blast tree, you can convert it to Focal blast. Another is in Det Arrow: converting to Fire changes the impact of the explosion.

That can happen as well. It already does with the: shock, chill, and ignite debuffs. That being said, I know what you mean. Therefore, I propose that both happen. This allows for more choice with the same skills.

I like this too. It can be fun and flavorful and trying to get good use out of those dragon passives is also a bonus.

I’m open to other elemental options developing for spells where they fit. I think fire is a little lacking in variety compared to lightning/ice.

The lack of variety was bothering me too. That is part of the reason I wrote this topic.

Does anyone else have any relevant questions, or concerns?

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