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[Mage] [Skills] - Dual Aegis functions differently than described

The Dual Aegis node, for the skill Flame Ward, functions differently than described in the tooltip. The tip describes Flame Ward having an additional charge before the skill goes on cooldown, but instead, the skill treats each charge as being on a separate cooldown.

Steps to Repro:

  1. Launch Application.
  2. Progress gameplay with a Mage that specializes in the skill Flame Ward.
  3. Obtain the ‘Dual Aegis’ node in the Flame Ward specialization tree.
  4. Activate the first charge of Flame Ward.
  5. Wait until the cooldown of Flame Ward has elapsed.
  6. Activate Flame Ward, wait several seconds, then activate Flame Ward again before the cooldown for the skill has elapsed.
  7. Observe Flame Ward in the skill bar.

Observed Results:
Both charges of Flame Ward appear to have separate cooldowns. If one charge is used, it will replenish to two after the cooldown has elapsed. If Both charges of Flame Ward are used, the skill will display the remaining cooldown of the first charge. When this cooldown finishes, one charge will be replenished without replenishing the second charge.


  1. Issue observed in build 0.8.2I
  2. This issue may be a result of either an inaccurate tooltip, or unintended mechanical functionality.