Mage skeletons Macabre Waltz -> Bone nova

hey there, first time in the forum just got the game.

I noticed that when my mage skeletons cast sacrifice they wont proc bone nova when they sacrifice a minion. is this intended or its a bug? im asking because if it is intended i will have to rething my build interactions, if it is not i might just wait for a bug fix.

thanks in advance =)

This behavior is, I assume, intended - the Mage’s Sacrifice skill does not use your Sacrifice skill tree, so any nodes and effects from your skill tree do not affect the Mage’s Sacrifice.

I have already proposed in a previous thread to have the Skeletal Mage use our Sacrifice tree when sacrificing minions, but if that’s not the dev’s intent, then I would re-think your build.

Yeah, as Tree says, this is a design decision whereby the minion uses their own version of a skill.


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