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Mage Minions Build Idea

So mage is the only class in the game that doesn`t have a minions build, rogue has ballistas, sentinel has manifest weapon and forged weapons, acolyte and primalist everybody knows, why not make a minion for the mage? Imagine being able to summon an elemental? And you could make nodes to make fire, cold, lightning elementals. Just an idea.

Don’t forget there is a missing mastery for the Mage. :wink:

WDYM? I use minion stats and cast teleport, clones clear monoliths for me!

(I’m j/k don’t try this lol)

Think Runemaster has golems or something towards that. It’s a pet/cc tree afaik.

Really? I thought runemasters were supposed to use runes or something lol, good to know but golems are a little disappointing since we already got the acolyte golem, elementals would be much cooler and it makes more sense classwise.

Runemasters will have some form of elemental golems & “walls”…