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Mage : Mana strike (teleporting strikes bug)

Hey there, rather then not working, once the passive is allocated, it becomes impossible to aim correctly. Maybe one out of 20 strikes connect. i’ve kept it for a few levels just to make sure i wasnt hallucinating, but even at melee/pointblank range (=easy aiming), and having +90% area of effect (which makes aiming easier with the teleporting strikes passive), I would mostly hit air.

Hey @Mike_Weicker I think you’re aware of the cause for this?

Yes, the effect is physically above the ground so it looks like it’s offset. When you hit an enemy with it it uses that enemy’s position instead.

if you use it straight down from your character it will look right and if you use it straight to the right or left, it will look like it’s offset. It is landing in the right place but looks off if you don’t have a target.

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