Mage Enchant Weapon Auto Cast needs... something

I noticed I could spend a skill point to make Enchant Weapon auto-cast.

Or, I could stick blue-tac into my keyboard.
Or, rebind to escape and use a book…

I’d rather not, it’d feel so dumb. Think this just needs some other benefit to take, dont care much what to be honest, +1 mana regen would do.

I mean id bet that enchant weapon is going to either be deleted or reworked.

They dont really like skills you just fire and forget, its just a really old skill. The idea for the “auto cast” nodes is you trade power for qol. Thats a fair logical choice. But because gamers are freaks and will simply macro/keydown through windows functions skills then it seems like a noob trap.

But the intended design space wasnt to have people using keydown toggle in the first place, and their stance is generally “we wont ban you for it, its a native feature. But skills that only ever get played like that are targets for reworks”

A good example of a similar skill is holy aura. it provides bonuses passively, but doubled while active. And has a long cooldown, so you can just auto cast it, but you will be trading uptime for control. Most builds I see simply manually press holy aura, because its a lot of extra stats so it makes sense to time it with cooldowns or having it for tough enemies.

I think enchant weapon will probably be redesigned to have way better active effects and a longer cooldown to turn it into a burst button.

Oh yeah, Sticky Keys, I forgot that was even a thing, I’ve never used it, ever.

I still wont, I’d feel like I was cheating. A rework would be great, but I’d settle for just any reason to take it other than auto cast.

I’m only using enchant weapon to generate a fire rune for a locked runic invocation pattern. It makes the right rune in its position when I use flame reave (runemaster gets the increased aoe and cooldown reduction… so makes sense to use them to me).