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Mage class

This will be very brief, I got an Acolyte to level 60+, it felt solid, pretty good fun value, pets could still use some work, but they seem like they’re in a good spot. I started leveling a mage, got to level 46, has not been fun since I started, feels utterly weak, feels like a struggle.

I wont continue to level this Mage, whatever was done to it, makes it total trash now, I’ll either continue leveling my Acolyte or move to a melee class to see how they are in this game. The mage needs some serious tweaks to be useful, and don’t tell me you need to be level 100 in any class to have a bit of fun, if that’s the case, this game isn’t for me.

Hi Gzip, the design team is aware that Mage’s have fallen behind other classes, outside of some Spellblade builds, and will be addressing it in the upcoming patches.

We’ll continue to monitor feedback and suggestions on the Mage closely over the next few months.

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hello mox! will still have 0.7.5 this year?

That’s the plan! We’ll see how much the holiday season affects us. I do want to make sure the team gets some R&R with family over the holidays so if it ends up being a stress point it may get pushed back, but currently we’re aiming for near the middle of next month.


Wow that sounds awesome.

I mean latest patch 0.7.4 was already really really awesome.

Do you have some sneaky preview what we can expect form 0.7.5? Don’t has to be some very detailed stuff, just some General stuff(new skills? new game modes? new uniques? etc.)

Regardign the Topic:

Yeah i think mage has alot potential to be fun(most of the skills seem fun mechanically), but Damage and survivalability seems lacking.

I think you guys should give mage a Little earlier and easier Options for some defensive stuff like ward.

I feel like in comparision to acolyte(lich) it is really hard to get some proper ward gain/ward rention(besides ward rention through int Attribute).

Even if there are some notes in there in the mage tree and the sorcerer tree.
It feel like if im going for all the ward notes im doing to less Damage. (It is ok to make “choices” and deciding to go a more defensive or offensive way, but the general dmg Output from mage seems udnerperforming)

Nothing to reveal on 075 yet, but you may see a couple upgrades to the mage even before then :slight_smile:


Hey there, maybe i am too nostalgic, but i can recommend a Frozen orb mage , got crappy gear yet lvl 48 and getting into monolith. Feels like good old d2 lod days, just missing the runewords (gimme That :smile:)!

Can‘t Say anything about lategame viability atm, but it‘s simply fun to Play! (Huge Thanks to the devs, keep up that great work)

You are on the right way. I am playing lvl 81 frozen orb with 103 mana cost and with the new sorcerer mastery it makes the build nearly twice as good as it was in 0.73(damage wise). Taking in mind that it was already one of the very few best end game builds for sorcerer it seems it will stay that way and maybe even it will surpass the meteor build. I have been trying to put a disintegrate lighting build with heavy gear investment and it is not nearly as good as volcanic orb ones.

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