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Mage All Elementals

Im trying to figured it out a build working with all 3 elementals (fire, cold and shock) using Mirror Breath. I dont know if it is even possible to work, i know can just choose like Lighting Blast, Fireball and Glacier and use 1 at time but it doesnt seem pratical at all, i was trying to use Ice Barrage, and Fireball while Ice Barrage is in cdr and BlackHole but since im also using Flame Ward and Teleport i dont have a slot for a shock skill and i didnt want to take BlackHole out and FW and Teleport will be necessary i think.

Anyone has any advices, im not looking for some build with 1 million dmg or anything but something i can work with some late game content.

Just some food for thought:

You can use elemental nova as some sort of wildcard if you keep it on multiple elements of just spec into the elements you miss.

You could also convert LB or Volcanic Orb to cold

Ele Nova would be the simplest way, you can take all 3 elements with just 3 points.

I though about Ele Nova but there is a lot of issues with it, first u have the same chance for each ele which is good but the problem is they dont have a specific pattern, u can spam and get fire ele 5 times in a row which is bad but will improve Cold Damage but if the next Ele Nova is Shock u cancel the Buff and switches to fire buff and after the Shock Nova which will increase the next fire u can be be unlucky and get Cold Nova and cancel the buff again

Ele Nova could be great but the big problem is the Rng to aplly and take advantage of the buff from mirror breath, besides that i didnt try it yet but i think it could be awkard and tricky spending points for all 3 elementals in the Ele Nova tree

I’m pretty sure the passives at the top of the Sorcerer tree are “if cast recently”, so Ele nova casting the elements “out of sequence” won’t be an issue.

If you enabled all 3 elements on elemental nova, each cast, regardless of which nova type triggers, will count as all 3 elements if you cast it.

I am 100% sure about that, since i tested it with the Gaspar Set.

EDIT: You could also do the same with a 2 element nova.

Wow man rly?? I cant believe i miss that but the thing if it says that the only that works is if the buff persists even if u dont cast the right spell or if u can take multiple buffs at the same time i think i got to try that.

No, the unspec’d Ele Nova counts as all 3 elements per cast, if you’ve spec’d into it then it only counts as the element it casts each time. But the passive nodes are all “within the last 4s” so it’s not an issue.

No, that is not correct.

Even if the lightning nova triggers you still “cast a fire and cold” spell.

I tested this extensively

Sounds like a bug

Elemental Nova still has all 3 tags, so it’s not.

If it’s intended or not might be another thing.

So if cast Ele Nova which buff will i get?? Lets say i get fire buff and when i cast Ele Nova again it cast Ele Nova with shock but since it has the tags for all elementals i will get the dmg buff either way???

I can rotate and get all 3 bonuses with just elemental nova. (If you have all 3 elements unlocked)

I am not sure if you can get multiple buffs with just one cast though.

If you can only receive one buff per cast, i guess it will be random

Yea, the skill has the tags of all the elements spec’d into.

You just have to build out increased elemental damage instead of type specific. It’s a bit trickier, but not much.