I was leveling up a Primalist for a build that will use Maelstrom. I’m still a ways off from being able to realize the build but I been using Maelstrom a bit and I find it rather annoying to use. The stacks decay so fast that you have to constantly cast it to keep above 6 stacks. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t interrupt you every time you cast it which basically nullifies the benefit of the haste it gives you at 6 stacks. Why even have haste if you have to stutter constantly to keep casting Maelstrom? Doesn’t seem logical.

I do see that there is a node to auto cast Maelstrom on kill but this wasn’t part of the build and I’m not sure if that auto cast will still cause you to stop moving momentarily when it casts. Is there any ways to apply Maelstrom without having to constantly cast the ability and stutter around like I’m tripping across the maps?

First of, speccing cast speed really helps making Maelstrom feel smoother.
The time you need to shortly stop gets reduced notably by jsut havign a little bit of cast speed.

On top fo that there are several ways (via uniques, idols and relic implicits) to cast maelstrom every 5 seconds.
This does not make your character stop moving and happens automatically.

Also have you looked into the “Beneath The Waves” Node? This will cast Maelstrom an additional nubmer of times per stack.
With 3/3, thsi would give you 4 Maelstrom stacks with one activation.

This works very well if you move from mob pack to mob pack or reposition yourself and have 1-3 second downtime between activating maelstrom.
This node also works together with the above mentioned automated ways to get Maelstrom stacks.


Nice. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t see that beneath the waves node. Not sure this build would allow me to go into that node and gathering storm so in your opinion if you could just choose 1 of those which would you choose?

I will check my loot filter to make sure I’m not filtering out Maelstrom specific relics or idols. I also don’t think I included cast speed to my affix list in my loot filter so maybe I’ll add that as well. Great info thanks.

Beneath the waves is much less skill points for great return.
Gathering Storm has a very low% chance and 2 second cooldown.

IMO Gathering Storm is worse and should only be used for builds that don’t actively use Maelstrom and want to only passively generate it.

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Thanks. Will maybe divert some points into that for the time being until I find another option. Is there any way to make the stacks last longer or something? That would also help me not have to cast as much.

Only the Whirlpool Node inside Maelstroms Skill Tree can increase the duration of Maelstrom.

Currently there are no other sources for that.

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Damn. I already have that maxed and it barely does anything. lol.

Well, you’d need 100% cast speed to halve the casting time, not sure that’s really “a little bit of casting speed”.

The Warcry skill has a node that casts Maelstrom as well. Though to really get it to feel good you’ll need 13 points to cast 4 stacks of Maelstrom, remove the knockback (otherwise you’ll just knock enemies out of your Maelstrom) and lower the cooldown.

There is one thing you shouldn’t forget when you rebuild a build guide. You need tons and ton of time and items untill the build works and there are far better things you could do to get a build up and running then to follow a guide. Just as a reminder why most builds don’t work out for a lot of people.

This build didn’t use any particular gear and it doesn’t mention anything specific to this Maelstrom question which is why I posted this. For now I’m just not using Maelstrom but not even sure the build will work well without it so might need to find another option because Maelstrom just feels bad to use. I don’t like it.

Yes Malestrom feels bad to me too as some other skills as well. The BAD thing when you play Primalist is: If you pick druid because shapeshifting and whatnot you are forced to use certain skills because you are pidgenholed into using the shift skills and you are even unable to make use of companions manualy and much more crap that happens. Primalist is a pretty wierd class.

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Not sure why this skill is set up the way it is. Why are there nodes to give you haste but to get that haste you have to spam Maelstrom to keep 6 stacks going but they decay so fast you just stutter constantly which defeats the purpose of getting haste in the first place. Very poor design.

Maelstrom could be easily fixed in a number of ways so I don’t understand why it’s like this. You could have a node that reserves some mana to make it permanent. You could have nodes that significantly increase Maelstrom cast speed. You could have nodes that make the stacks last longer. You could have more skills that apply Maelstrom like Warcry but in a more efficient manner (on skills that you are attacking with). Probably many other solutions.

Later on its easier to have the required stacks. As druid you can proc them using war cry, werebear or Swarmblade.

As shaman you have a passive node.

I’m a Primalist for my main character and i have CONSTANT 12 to 16 maelstroms on me all the time (that mean haste and frenzy buff non-stop). I play werebear cold DOT, i have 92% Cooldown recovery as of now so instead of having my warcry at 5sec cast time, its a 2.7 cast time. Warcry generated 4 Maelstroms. Maul generated Maelstroms, Idols generate Maelstroms.

When i’m fighting boss, i got a minimum of 20 Maelstroms on me constantly.
Around 5k damage per second each Maelstroms.

Very strong and smooth build tbh, primalist are OP in 0.9 compared to all others old versions.
(But still kinda sucks at leveling 1-60ish)

Maelstrom with the new multi cast nodes is basicly the most relaxed leveling skill in the game … you can litteraly WALK through the game without doing anything else till at least around lvl 50 …

Grab 2h staff with best base damage available - craft ele damage over time on it … walk and watch stuff die.

Exactly what i did! :wink:
When i said that primalist kinda suck at leveling, its because we don’t have lots of option to play.
Mostly its maelstrom or thorn totem build.