Maelstrom Primalist

Been tinkering with a maelstrom character to switch things up when i feel i need a change from my main character atm.

The build i was planning on is a druid/werebear character to add my strength to maelstrom dmg among other things, but i’ve noticed several other strategies for using maelstrom.

Spriggan Form and Swarmblade seems popular as well (or even more so). I notice Warcry, Entangling Roots and Eterra’s Blessing are often used. Is that mostly for buffing/debuffing, healing and other utility or do they interact in significant ways with maelstrom?

If one focuses on Werebear, why Spriggan Form. I mean, aren’t you supposed to stay in werebear form?

What attacks/spells can be used to trigger Maelstrom? For Werebear it looks like Ursine Storm used with swipe or maul. Are there other things that can trigger it as well? For that matter i’d be open to consider other skills than Werebear, is that’s possible?

Is there a reason to use other damage skills like Serpent Strike, Tornado and Ice Thorns, or maybe some Werebear Skill?

Would like to hear from you what kind of maelstrom builds you think are very good, or simply what skills will give the most benefit or the most synergy with maelstrom.

I could add that i have a slight preference for survivability over dps.

Love to hear your opinions! :slight_smile:

There’s a mode on Maelstrom that triggers it on kill, so you can set that.

There’s a node on Warcry that triggers a few stacks, and the bear’s roar uses that skill tree.

The whole vines/sriggan from thing is to have a way of generating rage so you can permanently stay a bear.

I’ve not bothered, and pop back and forth between human and bear to use the passives around Shapeshifter

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