Maehlin's Hubris Self Inflicted bleed Bug or Inconsistency

Maehlin’s Hubris converts bleeds to ignites is used in some strong builds in conjunction with Spirit Plague’s Exsanguination node which applies self-bleed that is then converted to ignite by Maehlin’s hubris. This self ignite can be used for Immolator’s Oblation’s flat damage and Ashes of Mortality’s ward generation. However, this mechanic does not work with other sources of self bleed such as Bleeding Heart amulet(despite having the same wording inflicted with bleed) or Penance(Paladin tree on melee hit). This brings the questions:

  1. Is the Maehlin’s converting Esanguinous self bleeds a bug which will be fixed?
  2. If 1 is an intended mechanic then is Bleeding heart not getting converted a bug which will be fixed?

If it is not a bug and everything is working as intended, perhaps some clarity on the mechanics through advanced description(pressing alt) would help.

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