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Maehlin's Hubris on Palidin Penance

Trying to finish out my dual eye of reen ignite build but confused if the Maehlin’s Gloves is converting the bleed chance on paladin passive Penance to ignite, the character sheet says my bleed goes to 0 but im not seeing an increase of ignite so a bit confused

Yes it works.

The bleed chance you see in your character sheet is only the non-conditional bleed chance.
This is the case for all the ailments and similar stuff.

Penance gives melee and throwing bleed chance, which is not represented in the character sheet.
But the gloves do work for that.

Thank you, since we can only go off the paper doll it was making it very hard to tell if it was changing anything and if i should have just gone with a different pair of gloves and changed the tree around

sorry to hijack, but I was wondering if you know if Maehlin’s Hubris also convers the self bleed from Penance to ignite. Asking in the context of possible interaction with the unique ’ Soulfire ’ relic, which grants armor while ignited.