macOS click alignment off - M1 Max

When in full screen or exclusive fullscreen mode, the clicking placement/alignment is off. Example: Trying to click the streamer mode checkbox. Clicking the checkbox does not register. Clicking just to the left of the checkbox does.

I don’t know if this happens on earlier models, but I am able and willing to find out. I suspect it might have something to do with the notch on the new MacBooks - but that is baseless wild speculation.

I’m a Mac administrator and have access to a large selection of Macs. Let me know if you need me to check on any other hardware configuration.

Hey there, Welcome to the forums…

Mac support is officially suspended as of Oct 2020…. It is a complex issue not limited to everything from EHG having the resources (time/money/staff), the game engine version used not supporting the ARM chipset (and how much time it would take to upgrade the game engine to an ARM supported one) and various other things we dont know about…

Personally I dont think that a native M1 Mac version of LE is dead, its just going to have to wait… (note, I have zero affiliation with EHG and have no insight into their decision making and have no additional info beyond what any other player has).

Any Mac related issues that you may experience by somehow fudging the latest versions to work on Mac are unlikely to be addressed right now. In fact, as far as I am aware, the last version that seemed to work Ok on a mac was 0.8.2d… so there are already lots of updates that would be missing from the older version.

Obviously, there are other ways of getting it to work… via virtualisation, Parallels etc… using either the Linux/Windows/Steam versions. Rosetta 2 has issues with the Unity game engine version making performance a serious problem when attempting to use it that way (even without the added additional conversion of the ARM to x86 concern).

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