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Mac version?

Does anyone know when will have the Mac version? I purchased a supporter pack without checking Mac version actual availability… silly me :slight_smile: thanks for the help!!!

EHG no longer officially supports Mac, as of October last year.

Besides the official note re MAC M1 support, you also need to understand that the Game Engine version that LE is built on 2019.4 (LTS I think) , has no native M1 support and while the newer Unity Tech Stream versions are building in M1 support, it would be a huge undertaking for LE to upgrade the game to the newer Unity versions right now… I think the devs said it would add at least a year to the dev cycle which they probably cannot afford to do right now.

So for now… no native M1 Mac support… but in the future… who knows, if the game launches and is a financial success, then perhaps they will revisit it…

Side note: I am sure that there is someone out there that could get the Linux/steam versions running somehow on an M1 mac, maybe well enough to play, but thats beyond this conversation…


Only way i know is to use Parallels Desktop software and create Windows 10/11 virtual machine.

Does it work ? Probably
How well it runs ? It can run okayish or run very poorly (unplayable)

Have to remember LE is still in Beta.

You can download free trial of Parallels Desktop and try if it works. So you don’t lose anything if you want to try it.