Lvl 48 druid feedback (returning player)

Hi there, just saw the new patch notes and decided to test the game, love how the stash works now great job there.

So I started a new character from scratch, I had no crafting materials, no items saved, so kinda a new player experience.
I always tried to get the best weapons available, found 2 unique items that were actually good for the build I was going, I could kill normal mobs relatively fast, and most of the time I would just one shot them, and this was my experience till around lvl 40. At this point my HP is always going up and down, and too many one shooting abilities from random mobs.
Tried a few monolith of fate runs and the mobs feel so unbalanced, some mobs die in like 1 hit and others take 30 secs to kill, I remember from before that at this point I was doing much better.
Died so many times to enemies killing me with oneshot abilities, and is not like I don’t have any defensive stats. It just feels like you guys are balancing mobs taking in consideration that we all have 100% of every defensive stat, and I would understand that if this was endgame, but I’m still at lvl 47 and I haven’t finished story quests.

Defensive stats are all over the place, glancing blows and critical strike avoidance, Dodge, block, block effectiveness, armor, elemental resistances, void, poison, bleed, etc.
I know that the game is still being developed, but you should probably rethink how u want to itemize your game, from what I’m seeing there will be no place for uniques, just crafted gear with the defensive’s we need to survive. Also there’s no fun modifiers for crafted gear.

The Primalist lost quite a few skills. I went the druid route and I was expecting a bit more of skills that would fit the theme, but I ended with 1 totem, 3 companions, (that I don’t intend to use at all) one heal for my companions, so in the end I have to play around 3 skills and 3 melee attacks and 2 shapeshifting skills (I’m sorry to say but it fells bad).
Thicket Blades was a skill, now is just a proc in druid passives, same with Vale Spirit.
When I go into warebear form it feels even worst, its like I attack a few times and I’m out of warebear form and it doesn’t even fell powerful for coodown timer that it has, I know there is ways to regain mana but doesn’t fell good, everybody will use that way to build their warebear skill, again no options.

Anyway this is the point of view from someone that played before, returned and found the game have lost options in how to build my characters, some skills 90% of the time ppl will just pick the same nods because they just fell mandatory. And I have a good example of this, last night I went and check some youtube videos to kinda see what people playing atm, and this guy was using Ice Thorns exactly the same way I was using like 8 months ago, chance to proc on being hit, gives armor/protection passively and this is the way will be used all most the time.

I don’t want to sound harsh but at this point I’m already losing interest, lvl 47 and I still haven’t maxed one skill, its already felling that I have to heavily invest in crafting items to be able to survive because of mobs one-shooting me, lack of skill options and when I say skill options I mean like some armor buffs, a big cooldown that could give me great killing power or a big defensive. at this point is more like what of the 3 melee skill do I want to use that will accomplish exactly the same, and that is fine If I had other types of skills to chose from.

Well I will try to get to endgame and see if something changes, maybe at that point things get better.

Hey @Xiss first of all: No offence inteded ;)!

I think your build is all over the place. If you wan’t to make Werebear viable for example you need to focus on some specifics like the nodes in Werebear that regain mana on crit and then pump your critraiting to 100% to stay in shape 100% of the time.
This will take some time “sadly” and start out rather slow. Most of the time I have’nt used the werebear untill I had enough crit chance and the neeed points to stay in this form. There are some nice guides in the forum for it ;).

Skill leveling is okayish… if you run some monoliths you can level a skill from zero to hero in no time. While you run down the story things are messy and you most likely don’t cap one skill in the storyline if you don’t do each and every side zone and explore each map fully.

The usage of skills is a different beast to tackle. ALL my Werebear builds use the same skills because these skills are supperior to other skills. We’ll get more in the future so propably there will be more but right now… yeah it’s pretty bland.

Endgame makes things faster and easier and you get better gear to craft better stuff :). This makes things smoother and if you run arround you’ll find specific ways to play the game that works best or best for yourself ;).

Hi, yeah I know that my build atm is a bit messy, I intend to change some points in my skills, but it takes ages to lvl a skill so for now its is what it is.
But like you said your warebear uses pretty much all of the same skills because they are superior to the other options. So if I decide to go full werebear, theres not much to be used outside of those skills, no buffs that will persist in bear form, besides Ice thorns that will act as a passive on hit and entangling roots that synergizes with Roar, and that is the smart way to build a warebear imo, and if we try something different will result in something is weak in comparison and not that great, and this is kinda like what I was complaining.

I though the hole point of having skills with points to pick and build around was to bring different builds, play-styles, but its not happening at least with primalist druid, haven’t touched other classes yet so can’t comment about those.

So I try not to follow build from other people, I love to see what skills people are using, but I always like shape my own build and think outside the box and use those “bad skills” but I’m finding it hard.

You saying that we might have new skills in the future, but if that is the case why did they end up discarding thicket blades and vale spirit and not replacing them with something better ?

Anyway I appreciate you taking the time to give me some tips, I’m sure that once I reach end game I can try and experiment with other skills.
just a side note, u were the last person to reply to my last post like a year ago, and the first one to reply 1 year after :stuck_out_tongue:

We think this about every game we play with a skilltree. Sadly the reality is different. My Werebear is a rightclick monster with a roar every now and then for the roots without any need to press another button because this yields the highest dmg. It’s the most new player friendly way to specc in my eyes but you see the obvious problem in pressing 2-3 buttons 24/7. The whole point of skilltrees is to have a mathematical best way to go and use it or “suck” in the eyes of elitist people.

The biggest issue with skills and skilltrees is the sad excuse of viable different builds but this is something balancing is for but we’ll most likely not see good balancing in alphas and betas because this game states concentrate on different things.

LE is a extreme example of specialize or R.I.P. because with a build that is all over the place like a jack of all trades you are weak compared to focusing on mastering on aspect of a build. There will always be a meta and the further you are away from it the more your build will suck and it’s up to you if you can life with that ;).

I shaped my own builds back then when most parts were new but this train has left the station long ago and right now it’s a simple “react on patchnote changes” kind of thing. On top of that you have specificneeds to fullfill like 100% CB and CA or you can stop playing “endgame”.

This might be a bit of a pessimistic look on things and EHG suprises me every now and then but there are still some minot flaws that are not overlookable. I’m fine with some flaws in skills and skilltrees but as long as there are good ways and bad ways to skill the passive tree or the skilltrees and no different possibilitys to spice things up it’s just a bland math game ^^.

I don’t know why they removed some skills. Thicket Blades was realy dumb so far maybe that’s why they incorperate it somehwere elsebecause they already implemented the code for it. On top of that I don’t know how many more skills there will be because the release date is in the near future and for me it looks like they can’t make it so we might see some content later after release who knows?

Well looks like the circle is closed, welcome back mate ;).

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