Lunge Skill & Paranoia Helmet

Noted in several other reports are the many bugs with Lunge. They are all currently ongoing, double point consumptions, can’t leap to allies and getting stuck now every attempt at casting the skill.

After a long grind to level 85 with several other bugged skills. I am sad to report the “Paranoia” helmet does not work at all with Lunge currently.
Firstly the points given on the helmet seem to roll back if you try to allocate them.
Second, the cooldown reduction changes nothing in the timers.
Third, and most importantly, the line “Lunge Does Not require a target” also does not work. It stops you from Lunging at all.

I’m overall crushed after crawling upwards to 85 in the hopes that this helmet would help alleviate many issues with the Paladin… It worsened them.


I completely agree, I hope such critical bugs will be fixed as soon as possible :frowning:

Video of bug

Paranoia is also bugged for me.

When standing still lunge does not work at all.

When moving lunge works but only partly. The cooldown icon does not match up to when the skill can be used and lunge can only be used once even with the perk that gives two charges.

I can confirm that Paranoia does not seem to allow the use of Lunge without a target.

This helmet is not working properly! Please fix :smile:

Just leveled to 85 as well, was super excited to try out Paranoia. Still bugged unfortunately.

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