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Hi everyone,

Am I the only one that feels Lunge is too similar to shift. For a light-footed leather wearing rogue the fast blink movement makes sense but not for a heavy armoured knight. I know everyone likes fast moving builds and skills but I think movement skills should feel unique to the class.

I have a suggestion to change lunge’s movement that would set it apart from shift. The sentinel should leap in the air, hang there for a split second then lunge downwards. You can add thematic changes to it like if you are a paladin you get holy angel wings and concentrate the ground when you land or if you are a forgeguard you become an iron gauntlet when you smash down (similar to the forge strike red hammer).

That’s my 5 cents. What do you guys think?

I think the bigger question is why does the Sent have more movement skills (2, 3 if you include VK specific) than every other class (1 tops, Prim could argue 0 as fury leap is more like an attack that moves, but that’s not important)?

Mage has 2 (Teleport & Surge), Lich also has 2 (Transplant & Reap). You could argue that the Sentinel has 5, Lunge, Shield Rush, Smite (with Descend), Volatile Reversal & (kinda) Void Cleave. Fury Leap is still a movement skill, even if it’s slow as ####.

Edit: And Rogue has 2, Dancing Strikes & Shift.

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TBH, I think Lunge already feels very different from Shift. It requires a target, travels significantly further, and deals damage both by default and in a different way than Shift does.

Sure, if you look at them purely as “It moves you in a straight line” then they’re the same, but both skills have a lot more to them than that.

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Warpath is another movement skill.


Warpath isn’t a skill, it’s a condition…

True, conditions can be channelled. Only a question of energy.

A guy with a heavy armour?

These are only painted muscles of the neanderthal, fake so to speak.

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