Lunge, Forged Weapon & "Conjurer" node not working in Lagon fight

Pretty simple, and us poor FGs have reported this in general chat a few times. However, paladin seems to be the favorite class, and the well-reported hitbox issue affects both Smite AND Lunge. Lagon is not targetable with Lunge, so I miss out on health regen and frenzy. Also, when shield bashing with the Conjurer node, all the health potions generated fall into the water. No Lunge and no potions will leave a rough fight for many new players.

What is most funny is that almost all my forged weapons flew off to fight one of his tentacles, which is typically not targetable and invulnerable. That’s if they weren’t spawning behind the tentacle and trapped there, floating uselessly. The fight took a bit longer than expected for these reasons (I was missing 50% of my DPS). I know FG is not a hot class with new players, but anyone playing one with these bugs and non-capped resistances will be in for a quick death or a loooonnngggg fight.

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Just wanted to make same post, liked this one instead. Forged weapons spawn behind Lagon’s tentacle (out of arena), which cuts off big chunk of my dps.