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Lunge - Cull the weak

Cull the weak gives lunge 15% kill threshold, it does not states anything about it only been hits from maximum range Lunges, could you guys make it non maximum range only? if feels really weird to run from the hard mobs and bosses to be able to cull them.

I also had this problem. Sometimes it didn’t trigger the kill under threshold (within maximum range), but I don’t remember it clearly whether it didn’t work everytime. Maybe you are right. It only works from maximum range?

Would explain why it seems to work rarely escpecially on bosses. Maybe I should put the points somewhere else.

Have you tried it in combination with the “damage along its path” node? Maybe this will make it work better. Will try it later.

There’s 2 things happening there. Firstly, cull has reduced effect on bosses, secondly the node has reduced effect at shorter ranges (I believe) which is why it feels like it doesn’t work on bosses when you use it at short range.

Kill Threshold does not have a reduced effect on bosses

The devs said it did. Kinda.

I have requested clarification/confirmation.

Kill Threshold should not have a reduced effect on bosses.

Like, literally, bosses are the only reason for Cull’s existence.

I would say they are the primary reason but cull has its place as a way to counter act endurance mods bypassing the defensive mod to some degree.

I would place my points elsewhere and not in Cull if bosses were immune. Just sayin’

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They aren’t immune.