Lunge causing character to freeze in place when targeting a creature not yet spawned

Hello all! I have noticed that 100% of the time, when attempting to use Lunge at a target not yet spawned, the Sentinel will remain in place with the Lunge animation happening and the character will be unable to move until another ability is used (anything other than Lunge). I have noticed this for enemies that are buried under the ground, enemies that descend from the sky, or are to be summoned by another creature.

I have also noticed this bug when attempting to use Lunge on a target that cannot be Lunged at (i.e. Lagon, enemies off of a platform or ledge) as well as stationary enemies (i.e. spawning nests, blood altars, etc).

I am also experiencing being stuck in the lunge animation though I have not made any correlation to it being related to the state of the target. This happens with moderate frequency and at times with high frequency. It seems to happen right at the start of the animation, and only doing another skill animation will get you out of it.

Thank you for the report. We are working on a fix.

I too have this issue with lunge, one thing i will add is it only happens when im spamming lunge preemptively without any targets on screen. That being said it happens all the time.