Lunge Bug - black floor area

Hello, this is happening to me after the last patch. Sometimes when using Lunge the area under the character becomes completely black.
The other side effect is that you can’t do nor receive damage anymore and character stats are modified.
This only goes away exiting from the game.
I attach a couple of screenshots that shows the bug (522.7 KB)

Hello! Could you post a screenshot of what your Lunge Skill Tree looks like?

I attach the skill tree.
Please note that there was 1 point in “Into the fray” that I just respec a while ago.
It does not happen often but I noticed that it usually happens when there are ice or lightning elementals around. I don’t know if it’s just a (363.7 KB)

Thanks for the information! Team is looking into this.

Happened again just ten mins ago, but this time it was a little different.
I didn’t use “Lunge” and no black floor area appeared but I had the stats change.
I had just killed the last enemy of arena wave 50 (with warpath that’s my main skill).
I attach the screenshot, I couldn’t destroy the barrels, but this time I was able to leave the arena and claim the reward at least :wink: (502.7 KB)

PS: as far as I can rember it only happened once or twice in the monolith echoes, all the other times I was in the arena. I guess no more arena for a while :frowning:

Happened again in the monolith, a lot of lightning elementals on the scene :frowning: (444.0 KB)

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