LP, trade, and more deterministic crafting

I love LP. It’s the best item chase of any arpg I’ve played imo. It’s given me a reason to play characters I never would have tried otherwise, and experience more of the great build variety in this game. I love getting a unique that has nothing to do with my build, and turning it into a build defining item. And I think trade will ruin it.

Hear me out. I got a 2lp Plague Bearer Staff on my totem shaman. In a world with trade, it would have so much value because of it’s rarity, that I couldn’t bring myself to coin flip hitting the stats for a build I’m not playing. Instead of a gateway to a new build, it becomes currency. Let the trade games be trade games, and double down on what’s great about LE. Being able to craft what I want… sometimes.

Why only sometimes? Some things are just too rare. I’ve gotten to level 100 and played beyong that on my spriggarn form totem shaman. I have ring drop chance blessing and run the ring unique timeline over and over, and have still never seen a Silvafrond. If trade existed, I could buy this sure, but that’s the kind of rarity that ensures I can’t look at that plague bearer staff as a new toy. I have to trade the rarity I got for the rarity I need. I’d rather there just wasn’t that level of rarity. Every unique should be target farmable. I may never see another 2lp plague bearer staff, and I missed the rolls. There’s nothing I can do to work towards another chance at that build. It’s too rare.

I’ve also never seen an axe with t6 minion spell damage. Which is super frustrating because of the shaman talent that grants totems more spell damage when wielding an axe. I think chaos glyph should not upgrade the node, and be usable on exalteds to reroll the t6. And if there’s any weighting on stats to make items base type “themed”, that’s probably a bad idea when it fights your own talent design.

Also, sets should have LP.

Trade is bad. Deterministic crafting is good. Fight me.

So don’t pick the trade faction, and enjoy the enhanced ability to target farm that comes from the other one. That’s what I personally like about where they’re going with trade - You can do you, and I can do me. Because while this:

Makes you enjoy the game less, it makes me enjoy the game more. If I get that 2 LP Plaguebearer, I don’t want it. I’ll never want it. I prefer to trade the rarity I don’t want for the rarity I do want, because otherwise when I hit a certain kind of luck it’s a dead item I get nothing from.

Who do they listen to? Why are you more important than me? Why am I more important than you? When you get to choose better farming, and I get to choose to trade, they can listen to both of us.


There are plenty of trade slot machines in existence already. I’m super enjoying the deterministic parts of this game, and hoping they lean into that, because this is the only game doing it, and I don’t want it to be another version of the others.

You’ll be very excited to know that they are! I believe they’re currently calling it Circle of Fortune.

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That’s fair wnough, fortunately you’ll be able to go Circle of Fortune if you don’t want to do trade.

Nah, there’s not really any point. The devs are giving both viewpoints a way to play the game.

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