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LP in loot filters

Right so, i know this was brought up before, and the answer was essentially “We dont want loot filters to replace decision making”.

I get that. I respect it. However there also comes a time in late game where getting a unique without LP is a waste of time. For example, right now any unique i pick up without LP i instantly vendor. I would love to not waste time trying to pick them up, but unfortunately until i pick them up and inspect them, there doesnt seem to be a way to know if it has LP or not.

There is no “decision making” in my process. It is, quite literally, a case of “Does it have LP? No → it gets trashed”. I do not see how now being able to filter it out if i so wish makes the game better or more interactive for me.

If anything, being able to filter items by stats interacts more with decision making - dont get me wrong, i am not asking you to remove that, its a fantastic QOL setting in the filters. But my point is that refusing to add LP to filterable options doesnt really do anything beyond making us pick up items that will just instantly get thrown back to ground again.

I do not care what stats a unique has. I do not care for what class it is. I do not care for what slot it is. I do not care what level it is for. If it doesnt have at least 1 LP, it might as well not have dropped. If it DOES have LP, however, thats when i start to think - do i want it? What are the stats like? Can i make it work?

There is a significant difference between getting unique drops during leveling process, and in lategame. I dont think anyone will want to hide uniques while leveling - and since you cant drop LP during leveling anyway, thats kinda irrelevant.

tl;dr - Please add LP as a filterable option for loot. It doesnt remove any decision making, it just removes un-needed clutter and lets me focus more on the fun part of the game, which is killing monsters.

Perhaps a good idea would be to allow filtering items that have ANY LP (so for example, you cant filter “just items with 2LP or more”, but you can filter items with “any amount of LP”?)

“Imagine a game with loot drops so good you want to filter out Uniques!” TM


Thats a little unfair.

As i mentioned, im talking about late game. I did not want to filter them out in early/mid game, but when im trying to farm high corruption for example, it just slows me down and annoys me.

You can look what LP item on the ground has by hovering over it.
After certain point vendoring uniques is also a waste of time.
There are some rare unique that you won’t like to filter, even with 0 LP. But at least EMPHASISING uniques with 1+ LP would be something.
“it just slows and annoys me”. Feeling the same here.

I’ve seen somewhere devs explaining their logic, that because of having some bad items on the ground finding that good one feels more satisfying, resulting on net more pleasure. I don’t agree. I’m not a gambling person and I like to have more control over things. If I feel bad 100 times and very good 1 time, it’s net negative for me, so please make it possible for me to not feel bad 100 times. Let players decide, what is the most enjoyable way to play for them, then there will be a wider range of people enjoying the game.

Just poking fun at a very common request.

Personally I dont care if there is a filter for LP / FP or anything else. However, I do understand the devs rationale behind the decision.

One thing I would add (and to @iogann response) is that I find too many people ruin the loot drop mechanics in LE by overcomplicating and being too strict with filters. I have been here for years now and the one thing that has happened after the inclusion of the filters is that people complain they cannot find loot upgrades from drops, cannot find loot for crafting or are disillusioned by the lack of loot in general - Only to find that these players have been overzealous with loot filters and have effectively hamstrung themselves and created a negative view of the game as a result.

So personally I wouldnt mind if filters let you chose items by any criteria, but there is already a problem with the filters being so powerful that people are messing up a key aspect of the game by overusing them.

To me its the same as giving someone 10 dials and nobs to launch a spacerocket… or one that just says “Launch”.

Most of the time, sometimes unfortunately for the more experienced miniority, fewer options are the best.


I’d hazard that a lot of that comes from (broken record here) conditioning from POE’s loot filter experience. Since POE drops are unidentified, even with really high strictness you’re still seeing stuff you ultimately don’t want. Unlike in LE, however, you only find out that you don’t want it after you’ve picked it up and identified it. The dumb monkey in our brains still sees that as “I found loot!” even though the end result is you didn’t actually find any loot because you trashed it all.

It also probably helps that writing loot filters in POE is unforgivably tedious, so the way most people do it is… they don’t. They just download someone else’s and learn what combinations of pretty colors means valuable. You get an effective filter but you never learn how to write an effective filter because there’s no reason to.

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