Lower tones in music and second currency

The music was supposed to be atmospheric, but the tones are too high - making the music unpleasant (check if I’m right and how many players turn off the music).

My second proposal is to add a new currency, other than gold and having some useful properties. I know it sounds much like poe but I do not mean 20 different types of currencies.
Gold, in my opinion, is not enough

Path fo Exile the MMO’s game is an old game witha big players base. A lot of them was a fans of Diablo 3, but today they choose PoE. PoE is better than Diablo in a few ways.

First of all - It’s easier to play with your friends and there is again a few reasons.

Path of Exile is free to play, so you don’t need to pay 20 euros for playing.

Path of Exile is more playable and gameplay, but best of the best is chance to buy poe currency https://odealo.com/games/path-of-exile/currency

Its all anecdotal; some people will love the music some people will not; so far i think it fits the theme of the zones and the game overall. I know in my experience I have always eventually disabled the bgm in exchange for whatever i want to listen to at the time.

right now we only have gold; once the bazaar opens things may change. high level bases can be valued highly. “Gold” has been the standard currency in ARGP for a long time and it’s refreshing to get back to something deeply rooted in the genre.

i like the music to be honest. its the first game i havent turned the music off.

I’m hoping the music is just a placeholder for the beta.
I think the crafting materials are currency. I would like to a few more of those.
For example: 1/ All affix shards can be accessed for trade.
2/ A currency that removes every affix except the one you have in the affix box.
3/ A currency that changes the base role on an item.
4/ A currency that changes one Affix Shard into two of the type you put into the affix box.
5/ Currencies that remove just prefixes or just suffixes.
6/ Currencies that lock an items prefixes or suffixes when re-rolling stats

While I don’t think the music is brilliant (yet), I find it OK and suitable for the respective areas. But tastes do matter and I’m quite sure that the music will change with time.
However, it’s nothing I’d spent too much resources on if I were a developer, because there’ll always be haters.

Take PoE - Kamil’s compositions are great (and probably didn’t come cheap) - but many people turn the music off in PoE; moreover, while I do think Kamil’s stuff is better musically, I like the old soundtrack better as background music.
So it’s really hard to please everyone here.
Personally, I think the soundtrack of Diablo (not II nor III) is just great. However, I wouldn’t like it in LE (or PoE for that matter), because it would be out of places.

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