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[LOW] Skill Bounds Checking

I found a few issues with bounds checking with skills, some examples are:

I tried to leap up a flight of stairs, and missed my destination, and fell through the map. I couldn’t jump back, portal or otherwise escape. I had to go back to charsel to get unstuck.

I use thorn totems+the node to spawn all at the same time in a ring, which causes inconsistent behavior in tight spaces. If there is “ground” (reachable or unreachable) under the bridge, totems can spawn under the map. A few mobs jumped off the map to go fight my totems too. I’m spacing on the name of the area, but it has like the wooden bridges, and the round wooden platforms.

These are rather minor issues, but should be known about. Thanks.

It’s much easier to solve these issues with screenshots of the areas. Thanks!

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