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Low-Life Ward Mana Strike/Static Spellblade with Culnivar's Claim Sceptre (Build in progress - currently 120-ish Corruption)

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a build I 've been focusing on the last few weeks and maybe get some feedback or just showcase it (I 've made a video), because I really like how it works. It’s the first build with which I 've made it to Empowered Timelines and it’s not a traditional build, which is the main reason I wanted to share it.

Not really much to talk about mechanics - we have Culnivar’s Claim which with Mana Strike it can give a fair amount of Ward every few seconds and we 're focusing on attack speed so that we proc sub-spells often, as well as get a lot of Ward. Ward by default currently is around 3k, but it can go over 4k with Enchant Weapon active. With Enchant Weapon we 're focusing on attack speed (for maximum overall benfits with Mana Strike - procs and Ward), shock, duration, and spell procs. Static really works well in this build as well, I proc it with Surge every few seconds, it’s kinda hard though to proc it at maximum charges when you 're not up against a crowd.

I 've found that getting 100%-ish chance to shock is a must for this build (realised it after I got a random Lagon blessing with Shock chance, which I have recently replaced) and I think I’m missing quite a lot of damage without the proper Lagon blessing, which is either Lightning Damage or Lightning Resist shred. One of these two blessings is what I’m currently seeking which is why I’m currently farming in Lagon Timeline and I believe they will be a massive boost to damage output, especially the shred, since with the attack speed I have it will be very effective I believe. An LP Culnivar’s Claim will also be massive if I get it, which is something I may look into more seriously later.

Link to the build:

Link to the video:

The video quality is very bad due to fps drops and screen freezes, because, well my laptop is very old (please forgive me), but you can see how the build currently performs.

I’ll be happy to see your thoughts.

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